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Staying Compact is The New Normal

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Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. Those are the words I saw glued (awkwardly enough) on the male toilet’s wall in Lowe Jakarta back in 2008. My newly joined ECD stared at the poster for a while, but it didn’t stop me from taking a wee. As I walked past him, he said, “I’d erase the first two words, now that’s what I call simplify”.

Cheeky. But I agreed. It’s a great way of thinking. It made sense then. Of course, it makes sense now in 2020… where simplifying is the choice we need to make, due to the global pandemic that forced us to stay home, even longer than we intend to.

Nobody predicts how doable working remotely is, not the client nor the agency.  The briefing is sent via email, the discussion made via teleconference software, the progress discussed via chatting group, all while the online food delivery prepares your every meal.

I guess we are blessed in disguise with this situation. We hate the new normal as much as we love the flexibility that we have. The whole ‘main cantik’ is starting to make perfect sense now. Our team is compact, small but effective in every decision. Each of us understands their role to progress. Nowadays, ‘simplifying’ is a good way of going. #MainCantik

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