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Main Cantik Went Hybrid


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The word “hybrid” is getting more and more used these days. It seems like a good way to combine two things into one. Two different fields of work or ways of doing things… became one. By definition, it is something that is made by putting together two different things.

Around January 2022, Main Cantik tried to grow by teaming up with a local agency called Salvo to become a hybrid. The idea was to get both of us more exposure, since we do more ATL work and they do more digital work. We even called what we were doing together “Project Hybrid.”

It won accounts for brands like Nu Green Tea and Suzuki All New Ertiga Hybrid. The first one was mostly about managing social media, while the second one is an integrated campaign. There were also times when we didn’t have luck on our side.

We both took our promise to each other in June and went back to our own cocoons. But even though we don’t agree with the decision, we’re happy that it all happened. We know that hybrid isn’t really working for us right now, but you never know what’s comming next.

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