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Suzuki All New Ertiga Hybrid

When Suzuki released their All New Ertiga Hybrid, they trusted both us and Salvo to plan their releasing campaign. Adapting “Untuk Hari Yang Lebih Baik” for the campaign’s slogan, we represent the All New Ertiga Hybrid as a car that is environmentally friendly and comfortable for family use. We also highlighted the car’s new features by producing videos, brochures, and many visualized media which are published on many platforms. The whole campaign was a great success and a joyful experience for us. Thanks to Suzuki, our partners, pers, and KOLs who contributed to the whole releasing events.

Momobil Jalan Ninjaku

Our target in this campaign are getting used of watching Naruto in their childhood. So when briefed about how to come up with something different and catchy for their campaign. It was as if we’re asked our target about their life slogan, their motto, their Ninja Way in getting their first car, be it new or second. How they struggle to actually saves their money and wanting to have the dream car. Some can be serious, but most of their stories are fun. #MomobilJalanNinjaku what’s yours?


When asked to be involved in a campaign development of one of the biggest players in home improvement category product, it’s quick to say yes, Mr. DIY is one of my go to store when I need a quick fix. It’s nearby and complete. So the experience is there, hence the campaign we brought is #SemuaKetemuDisini or A Place Where You Can Find Everything. Here’s a video we did for this campaign. Apart from it, we also help them in managing their tiktok KOLs.

#maincantik #creative #agency #digitalagency #video #mrdiy

To enhance brand equity and improve the image of Pizza Hut Indonesia, we assist them in their Brand Building Campaign for 2020 onwards.

#NikmatiLebihnya (Enjoy More) becomes the hashtag we carry throughout the whole campaign.

 Reminding their audience about the benefits of Pizza Hut, that there’s always more to enjoy, more to taste, and even more to celebrate.

Pizza Hut has been around for ages and was about to open its 500th store. An achievement that many restaurants could not easily imitate. It is a huge mark to their success story, and we are proud to be a part of their milestone.

While you’re at it, how about grab yourself a slice from Pizza Hut! 

To introduce the new shoe collections as they enter the Back to School season. The insight is that the new school year is a time when many kids are nervous and scared of getting bullied. So we showed how Homyped shoes can help kids gain their confidence back through our TV spot.

Popcorn snacking is not in our culture just yet, we prefer pisgor (fried banana) even during binge watching in this stay at home period. In this Ramadan month though, we want to tell these youngsters about the fun of having PopStar crunchy popcorn instead. Something fun to accompany your Ramadan moment with your friends.

Persuading tiger moms to start purchasing ENFA+ powder milk by telling them that their dream starts as they enter their room.

That DREAM does not only consist of the things that their kid has in their sleep, but it is also their future goals.

Helping the brand build an emotional spark through their e-commerce channel.

The COVID19 pandemic has put many brands in a difficult time. The approaching Ramadan month does not make things easier either. But there’s one thing that these brands were able to be thankful for, which was starting an e-commerce channel. So we have helped them ease the burden in running a number of their campaigns on this platform. Preparing relevant key visuals and merchandise that are useful during the quarantine.

Nu Zuzu want to keep the fun going and raised some positivity up high in the sky, we create an initiative project called Kite Fighter. It is where we put positive messages for these kids, to stay strong during this pandemic and keep playing as a normal kids would do.

The results are good, with the message spread from one kite fighter to another. It won a finalist at Citra Pariwara 2020. Stay strong Indonesia!

In 2019 we were called for a pitch with a challenge. This was to bring a character in their product label to life. 

While maintaining the social media, in early 2020 we finally created each persona and activated them in the form of webtoons. 

The stories get a warm welcome from Nu Zuzu youtube viewers as well as their Instagram followers. 

In this difficult time, we helped Nu Zuzu find a way to sell their product in an entertaining way.

Social media has become an integral part of the digital marketing mix, and consistency has become key in maintaining social media contents which can be fruitful in the future. This is also something that nu Zuzu has adapted since the first time they stepped into the dairy beverage market. 

A significant growth of followers is one of the KPIs that we were able to achieve in under one year. We created a webtoon series called Zuzu Punya Ztory, and it became a huge part of the whole campaign. 

We still continue to maintain the social media account by filling it in with many digital activities and entertaining content.

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