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MAIN in Indonesian means playing,
having fun or maneuvering.
CANTIK means beautiful, pretty, attractive.

MAIN CANTIK means playing beautifully, or
maneuvering attractively in pursuing a goal.

Main Cantik carries an attitude that breaks stereotypes without being rebellious. Just pushing boundaries in the ideas we bring, outside the box.

Main or Play doesn’t have to be related to men and neither does Cantik or Beautiful doesn’t have to be for women. All this is shown in the colours of our logo, which shows how our work and our team breaks these stereotypes. As a whole, Main Cantik means maneuvering attractively to achieve our goals… or our clients’.

We would like to sit with our partners and find a solution or enhance their brand to adapt with the changes within the market. We’re young and creative, equipped with knowledge to face the challenges ahead.

We’re a young, full spirited creative force,

offering many different solutions to your problems. Founded by a passionate ad-men; Aji Bekti, we’re ready to assist you to achieve your goals.

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