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Hold My Skateboard While I Find Better Agencies!

Over the past few years, we have heard some new agency names. It’s no longer multinational agencies, but locals that have settled comfortably in those areas. The list keeps adding on, growing faster than any fast-chain restaurant. This is just our assumption; we think the pandemic years played a big role in that phenomenon. Clients cut their budgets; hence, big agencies had to lose some of their top talents. So when the client’s bargaining power is lower, they tend to look for a more negotiable firm. An area where the neglected top talents can reuse their guns, and start shooting ideas in the form of their legal entities. 

So here we are, along with many other creative agencies, ready to compete in many different elements: creativity, service, and price. We suggest you stick to the agencies you choose within the pitch. We believe every single one of them is unique and has potential. But make sure you don’t miss out on good ideas from an agency that can offer you flexibility. Visit us and drop a message if you want to “Main Cantik” with your campaign.

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